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Stock Picks 2023

ENbridge Inc tse: ENB

Enbridge is a reliable Canadian owned energy company which has consistently provided quarterly dividends of nearly 6%. Enbridge is not a high growth stock, it isn’t meant to be. Enbridge is a solid, and safe investment which will provide a small but useful passive income which I then take and reinvest in other companies. Enbridge is a promising company, not going anywhere anytime soon and if the price decreases further, I will likely invest more into it.

Microsoft: msft

Microsoft is a company everyone knows, however, despite its high price, I believe Microsoft is still a solid choice for the year. In the long term it doesn’t seem like Microsoft will be going anywhere. As well, Microsoft just made a $10 billion dollar investment into OpenAi which I believe will only become exponentially more valuable in the coming years. While I am not personally invested into this company as of yet, it is certainly on the watchlist for now.

Manulife TSE: Mfc

Manulife like Enbridge is a long-term safe, reasonably high divided paying stock. If you can’t tell by now, I am a fan of dividend stocks. While many might think dividend chasing is a waste of time as high growth stocks have so much more potential, I feel safer investing in more stable stocks. As well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with making 4-6% every year off your savings which then compounds every year, I’m young enough that money left to compound for 40 years could mean a retirement fund.