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“Thanks for all you have done for us I really appreciate it. Wherever you go from here you will do amazing. Take care!” – Henrica Cochrane, boss of 3 years

Personal Notes

Hi, my name is Chase Campbell, I am currently approaching my 3rd year in achieving my Bachelor’s of Computer Science at Western University. I am a driven individual ready to work on any project that comes my way. I have a keen interest in helping to develop new technologies and software using the skills I learn in both university as well as the countless hours spent self studying.

I do exceptionally well in group environments and have always been well liked in group settings as I always bring a positive attitude to the workplace, and never let group members feel left out. I am incredibly excited for the career that lies ahead of me and I hope that I can put my skills to good use and pick up more along the way.

Me: circa 2021


2022 Western Engineering Group Project

In my first year of university I took part in two projects, one being to design an outdoor bench meant for outdoor use for the city of London. The other project was to create a device to demonstrate the effects of pressure and create a linear increase of pressure within a closed system. Both projects heavily relied on group cooperation and thorough planning


A&W was my first real job, despite what people think about fast food, this job provided me with many lessons and situations that I had to deal with which have turned me into a better worker. From, deligating tasks to others, closing the restarant, dealing with customers, learning how to deal with and get along with good/bad coworkers. It was a great learning experience that I will never forget.

Canvassing for Karen Veccio

Short-term volunteering for Canadian MP and family friend, Karen Vecchio. This was an extremely good learning opportunity despite not necessarily being a full-blooded conservative because it was an opportunity to get outside, talk with many people of various different political views and see the importance of local governments and the election cycle.


Grade 12 History award

Grade 10 Civics and Careers award

Honors throughout high school


Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari
Soul of a New Machine – Tracy Kidder
Misery – Stephen King
Algorithms to Live By – Brian Christian
1984 – George Orwell